Bartleby Willard

Proofreader, Editor, Writer.

Better Writing. Better Results.

Share your vision with clear, effective writing.


Proofreading & Editing

 Typos, misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, formatting issues, imprecise or confused language, oh my! They happen to everyone and if left unchecked  diminish the impact of one’s writing. Let my eagle eye and gentle touch help you put your very best foot forward.  


Rewrites & Localization

Sometimes you don’t have time to take the time. Or perhaps you are not a native speaker but would like your writing to sound like a native speaker’s. No worries! I’ll catch your drift and rewrite your work so that it flows easily into readers’ minds and hearts. 


Custom Blogposts

Carefully constructed, SEO-friendly, readable and engaging blogposts tailored to your brand and message. Complete with SEO metatags and social media snippets. Focus on your products and services  leave the blogging to me!

Copywriting with a Soul

I cut my teeth marketing Pure Love, the eternal spiritual Good that all earthly loves partake of to the degree that they truly Love. I spend my pacing hours drafting treatises about how loving kindness might better guide business, political, and daily life. You can trust your brand to me.

Share your story.

Spread your Joy.


Bartleby Willard doesn't exist. But he does a great job at a great price. And that's what counts for me. Existence is overrated.

Boss Bossy MacBoss, CEO @ Important Industries

Am I Bartleby Willard? Are you? See: that's how it is working with this guy: he makes you think. He makes you think things you normally never think. Who is Bartleby Willard? Are we all Bartleby Willard? I don't know. But if we are, we're doing a fantastic job!

Le Big Cheez, CEO @ Enfants Terribles

I'm so lonely all the time. I shouldn't have chosen money as my God. It was a mistake.

Mai Tee Leader, CEO @ Grand Achievements 

That which always was, and is, and will be everlasting fire, the same for all, the cosmos, made neither by god nor man, replenishes in measure as it burns away.

Heraclitus @ Ephesus

There is one god, greatest among gods and men, similar to mortals neither in shape nor in thought.

Xenophanes @ Colophon

I’m a famous writer