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Proofreading / Editing


Proofreading / Editing

1. In addition to editing political ads for Strother Nuckels Strategies,
I helped them with a rewrite of their Precision Targeting page.
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

2. I recently revised a page I did years ago for FTExploring.com:
The Definition of Life.
Definition of Life – Suggested Edits
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

3. For the same site, I provided proofreading and copyediting services for
David Watson’s pages on Neutron Stars
Neutron Star – Suggested Edits
(Shared with author’s permission).
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

4. I revised this story: Mr. Awesome, referencing, though not always abiding by, The Chicago Manual of Style.
[stet the author’s use of smushedtogether words, and his “5AM” style for time]
Mr. Awesome – Suggested Edits



Health Benefits of Regular & Alcohol-Free Wine”

What is an Ethical Business Model?

The Many Meanings of “Blanquillo”

Thirty Signs of True (Romantic) Love

Copywriting: Advertising Pure Love

Six ads for Pure Love: A Study of the Six Principles of Persuasion.

PureLoveShop.com is a website dedicated to selling Pure Love.
We’ve posted a Pure Love advertising campaign a year for the last three years:
Summer 2020 PL Campaign (abandoned to focus on politics)
Pure Love for Sale (from 2019)
Pure Love for Sale (from 2018)

A long ad for Pure Love / Essay about the inherent evil of advertising


We’ve collected many of our poems at Bartleby’s Poetry Corner.
This one turned out well: America.
Here’s an example of the Nostalgia Sonnets: To Greg’s Dad.
How to Write a Sonnet is as advertised, and includes several examples.

NYC Journal

We collect moments in the NYC Journal.
Example: NYC Journal #9 – First Nice Day.
Politics: NYC Journal – Politics

We have not made a lot of progress with our Short Story Game.
Here’s a response story to Joyce’s “The Sisters” (in Dubliners): Another Cotter Story.

We did translations of and response stories to three Kafka stories.
Die Wale is the response story to Die Sorge des Hausvaters / Worry of a Family Man.

Years ago we wrote some science articles for FT Exploring.
They’re the ones attributed to AM Watson. Here’s the Definition of Life.

Our books are available here: !Buy Our Books!

Right now we’re pushing Superhero Novella and A Readable Reader because we think they’re both good, fun, readable, and worthwhile.

Everything on this site is copyrighted by Andrew Mackenzie Watson.