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Web Development

Data Analysis

Proofreading / Editing



Web Development

  1. Rogue Pickings [Learning Responsive CSS. Code here.]
  2. Guess the Word Game [A word-guessing game programmed in JavaScript. Code here


Data Analysis

  1. Graphical & Mathematical Loan Analysis
    • I Looked for predictors of loan success in loans originating 2005 through 2008 in the Prosper Marketplace.
    • I created two variables for measuring a loan’s success and used graphs and correlation coefficient tests to compare those metrics against possible predictor variables (ex: borrower’s credit score).
    • Disappointingly, not even credit score correlated very closely with loan success rates. This may be due to the time frame I investigated.
  2. Data Wrangling, Analysis & Report Writing
    • I found and fixed tidiness and quality issues in three datasets of tweets from We Rate Dogs through 2017.
    • I analyzed the relationship between retweet_count and favorite_count, and used those two variables (primarily retweet_count) as popularity metrics
    • I compared the popularities of tweets about puppies versus those about dogs, and the popularities of tweets about various dog breeds.
    • After the project was over, I ran Pearson correspondence tests on various portions of the dataset, but didn’t do better than Pearson .92 (full dataset).
  3. Mock A/B Test
    • Hypothesis tests with simulations, and with regressions
  4. Relationship between national suicide and poverty rates
    • Using an international dataset with data collected from 2012 through 2016, I compared the mean incomes of the countries with the ten highest and ten lowest suicide rates. The average income of the ten countries with the highest suicide rates was almost 130% of the world mean income. The average income of the ten countries with the lowest suicide rates was 112% of the world mean income.
  5. PowerPoint Presentation – Electricity Use – USA vs Germany – 2000-2014
    • I did this to learn how to make PowerPoint presentations
    • Compares total electricity used from 2000 through 2014, as well as the energy sources as a percentage of the total.


Proofreading / Editing

1. In addition to editing political ads for Strother Nuckels Strategies,
I helped them with a rewrite of their Precision Targeting page.
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

2. I recently revised a page I did years ago for FTExploring.com:
The Definition of Life.
Definition of Life – Suggested Edits
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

3. For the same site, I provided proofreading and copyediting services for
David Watson’s pages on Neutron Stars
Neutron Star – Suggested Edits
(Shared with author’s permission).
References: Webster’s New World College Dictionary, AP Stylebook.

4. I revised this story: Mr. Awesome, referencing, though not always abiding by, The Chicago Manual of Style.
[stet the author’s use of smushedtogether words, and his “5AM” style for time]
Mr. Awesome – Suggested Edits



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The Many Meanings of “Blanquillo”

Thirty Signs of True (Romantic) Love

Copywriting: Advertising Pure Love

Six ads for Pure Love: A Study of the Six Principles of Persuasion.

PureLoveShop.com is a website dedicated to selling Pure Love.
We’ve posted a Pure Love advertising campaign a year for the last three years:
Summer 2020 PL Campaign (abandoned to focus on politics)
Pure Love for Sale (from 2019)
Pure Love for Sale (from 2018)

A long ad for Pure Love / Essay about the inherent evil of advertising

Science Writing

In 2011, I researched, wrote and coded articles on solar energy and biology for FT Exploring.

NYC Journal: Reporting & Politics

We collect moments in the NYC Journal.
Example: NYC Journal #9 – First Nice Day.
Politics: NYC Journal – Politics

Poetry & Fiction

We’ve collected many of our poems at Bartleby’s Poetry Corner.
This one turned out well: America.
Here’s an example of the Nostalgia Sonnets: To Greg’s Dad.
How to Write a Sonnet is as advertised, and includes several examples.

We’ve written a lot of fiction and a lot of lyrical essays.
Here’s an Index here.
Published Books: !Buy Our Books!.

We have not made a lot of progress with our Short Story Game.
Here’s a response story to Joyce’s “The Sisters” (in Dubliners): Another Cotter Story.

We did translations of and response stories to three Kafka stories.
Die Wale is the response story to Die Sorge des Hausvaters / Worry of a Family Man.

Our books are available here: !Buy Our Books!
Right now we’re pushing Superhero Novella and A Readable Reader. We think they’re both pretty good, fun, readable, and worthwhile.

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