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Every job begins with a free consultation where we discuss your particular situation, dreams, and budget.

Then I give you a non-binding quote and outline exactly what services will be provided for that price.

I know that’s a little weak on details, so here’s some general guidelines (all prices in US dollars):

Proofreading & Editing: For larger jobs, I will do a page or two for free to make sure we both understand what kind of intervention you are looking for and I understand how labor-intensive the job will be. If you just need a few pages proofread or edited, email them to me and I’ll email you a price. I aim to bill at a rate of $50/hour for proofreading and editing services.

Everything Else: Talk to me. I’ll give you a deal. If you turn me down, that’s cool too.
At the very least we can have a nice chat about your vision and how we all fit here together in this wide-whirling world.

Let’s talk Shop!

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