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Can you reverse memory loss naturally? Probably yes, in some cases. Maybe, in others. Probably not, in others. In this article, we’ll look at some anti-dementia interventions, and where each might be applicable. This article is intended most of all for younger people (under sixty) who feel like they are losing more memory than they should be. However, most of the discussion should be of interest to recollection-clingers of all ages, not just those of us concerned about early-onset dementia.

    1. Sleep & Memory Loss
    2. Best Diet for Memory?
    3. Vitamins, Minerals and Memory
    4. Gut Health and Cognitive function
    5. Hearing & Dementia
    6. Sense of Smell & Memory Problems
    7. Physical Fitness for Brain Health
    8. Do any brain training exercises work?
    9. Can Meditation Reverse Cognitive Decline?
    10. Mental Health & Forgetfulness
    11. Heavy Metals & Memory Problems
    12. Stroke & Memory Loss

Sleep & Memory

Hours of Sleep & Memory Loss
Sleep Quality & Memory Loss

What is the best diet for Memory Preservation?

The MIND Diet?
The Longevity / Blue Zones Diet?
The Mediterranean Diet and Memory
Fish versus Omega Three
Wine, Cheese & Lamb for Mental Fitness?
Tea or Coffee with your brain?
Ketosis, Veganism, and other Extreme Fixes

Vitamins, Minerals, and Memory Health

B-12 Deficiency & Dementia
Magnesiusm, Calcium, and Potassium
Is Salt bad for brain health?

Gut Health and Memory Loss

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Loss of Smell & Memory Loss

Best Physical Exercises for Brain Health

Effective brain training

Reading aloud & doing arithmetic problems
Brain Training Games
Learning New Skills
Whole-Body Thinking

Meditation for Memory Preservation

Mental Health & Memory Loss

Too Lonely to Think?
Trauma & Dementia

Heavy Metal Poisoning and Memory Loss

Stroke & Memory Loss