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I’m interested in learning JavaScript as a child learns a language. That is to say, the focus will be on hearing and speaking, rather than on studying rules and memorizing grammar.

I am, however, no child. And JavaScript is not a natural language.

My approach will therefore be as follows:

I will go through the projects I’ve built from my recent coding bootcamp (on, breaking the programs down both the informal logic (of the program flow and how it works together to bring about the desired functionality) and the formal logic (the code itself). Through this process, I will better recognize, understand, and recall the design patterns, built-in functions, and modules that I’ve already used. I will then use these organizational structures and snippets of code to build new projects, to which I’ll add new patterns and etc. as needed.

In this way, supplemented by some study of the grammar, vocabulary, and established best practices of JavaScript, I think I will be able to effectively grow my ability to understand, think, and speak JavaScript.

I plan on using this blog as a kind of language-learning diary.

The first two projects are just JavaScript. The second two are React. And I will be coding new projects in both vanilla JS and React.

Let’s start by breaking down JavaScript project #1: A Guess-the-Word Game.

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