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A React project. I am going to use the Sticky Notes UI that I built with Skillcrush as a base. But there will be a few changes.

The user will be able to record snippets of code in notes. The user can create and delete notes. At some point, I would like to have the app ask users to confirm they really want to delete something before deleting it. Each note will have a title, tags, a code snippet (in the HTML <code> tags), and a description. The list of notes will be saved in the browser’s local storage, but the user will also have the option to download a JSON notes file onto their local computer; and then to upload that file the next time they use the app. The user will be able to search through the code snippets. At some point I would also like to add categories that users could check on inside the notes, and that would then correspond to a drop-down menu. But right now I’m not even sure what categories I’d want to build. 

I hope to build this app and then put in code snippets learned from this project and from the Poem Pick project.