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[Part of the Speaking Javascript project.]

I will use this post to roughly sketch out project ideas. I’ll create individual project pages when I am ready to go into more detail with a specific project.

Presocratic Fragment Dispenser

Display asks user to select which presocratic they want to hear from. Then the app downloads all the fragments from that presocratic, randomly selects a fragment, and displays that fragment. Two buttons also appear: One allows the user to select another fragment from that presocratic, the other allows the user to go back to the main screen and pick another presocratic.

We’ll need a drop menu, an async await fetch, conversion to JSON, and some if thens. I think it might be nice to also add a search function to the page with the displayed quote. Or maybe there could be an option where all the fragments display on the screen and the user can use search to eliminate all that don’t match what’s typed into the search field. Maybe at the initial screen, the user will select either “Give me what’s on his [randomly generated] mind right now.” OR “Show me all the fragments and let me search through them, please.” 

Wisdom traditions conversation generator

Translation percent match

Line up a translation with the original text for language study

React code snippet library



[Part of the Speaking Javascript project.]